Wealth Simulator

Opportunity: How you could make your EcoMoney?
Arise $40 Trillion per Year

Eco means around you,
Awareness meaning keeping; Eyes and mind open.
Eco awareness

Game is about brainstorming the thought process,
Challenging status quo, but not about spoon-feeding facts.
Power of transparent open Game; is that, it evolves, and gives opportunities of creation.
If at some point, you think, that a step is inadequate,
Get involved in,
Find your inner voice,
Follow your passion,
Brainstorm the possibilities
Do we like to create wealth equal to one kilogram gold in next 365 days?
Do we want to improve, our physical, mental or financial situation today?
Do we are ready to keep our eyes and mind open for, our better health?
Do we, want to be proud citizen of the world's most prosperous nation?
Do we like to show the direction of wealth for our family and relatives?
Do we like to give our community; glimpses of the way of prosperity?
Would we like progress of community; from the current situation?
If, our answer is YES for any ONE of above;
The wealth simulator
In the form of
An open Eco Awareness Game
Is here, for you; to start


Because this is a hypothetical, imaginary fiction; also called as Vision; you may become
Multimillionaire in 2015 itself